My eyes are blurry

Since last week, my eyes are blurry, sometimes I see lines in front of me then I use my paws to scratch and make it clear. Then mummy told me I got a lot tear stain and green sticky thing at my eyes, she has to wipe it away twice a day.

Finally today she thinks something is wrong and sent me to the vet. Dagger went along too, as usual, she likes to tag along, haha…

The vet listened to my heart beat, mummy lifted my eyelits to show him my eyes, and lifted my lips to show him my gums. After a while, he told mummy to drip something into my eyes 5 times a day! Eee… what is that…

I’m not sick, I still running around happily, but I don’t want eye drops! Mummy says it makes my eyes brighter, I don’t want~~~

~ by baibai on December 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “My eyes are blurry”

  1. Oh, I wonder what’s wrong with your eye. Our new sista, Joy has one blurry eye too but the doctor said it could be caused by a previous injury & it healed up into a scar. So nothing serious…

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. We don’t think we would like to get stuff squirted in our eyes. Maybe if you squirmed a lot your people will give up and stop trying to put the drops in.

    (Our girl said we gave bad advice – that you should cooperate so you get better soon)

  3. Do you get a yummy treat after the drops?

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