A’ Famosa trip with Dagger

This is my second time to A’ Famosa, but it’s Dagger first time outing 🙂

We were waiting for Yumi’s daddy & mummy to come fetch us. Mummy covered me with an oversized t-shirt so that I won’t leave too much fur behind in the car.

Is Dagger laughing at me in her heart?

We reached there at 4 something in the afternoon, it was raining, I don’t like rainy days as it make my fur ugly… When we reached, I dashed into the house to explore.

Nothing much in the house, but there’s a big yard and swimming outside, I slipped and fell into the pool when I first walking around it, it was so dangerous! After that I always keep a distance away from the pool when I walk in the yard.

Dagger was scared of so many humans around at first, but later on she had her fun walking around with me 🙂 There were other dogs around too. A big black mongrel, a Shih Tzu (Yumi) and a Chihuahua. I like the black dog most. And Dagger wanted to play with the little Shih Tzu like how she plays with me always, but it looked like she was strangling her, so everyone in the room screamed and faster carried Yumi away, haha…

The most fun part is walking in the yard (for Dagger, is running around the yard).

And mummy says I’m like an old man compared to Dagger! Cheh~ I’m more matured :p

~ by baibai on March 4, 2009.

One Response to “A’ Famosa trip with Dagger”

  1. Oh! A’Famosa allows dogs eventhough no pp.com event? I wonder which bungalow this is because it doesn’t look like the one like the open ones that we can see near the golf area, the lake & the condotels. My Mommy also wanna know how much was the cost for one night?

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

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