Bath time

Mummy came home after work and thought that weather is so nice and decided to bathe Dagger.

Do I really need to bathe?

You bathing then what should I do? Someone come play with me…

Still no one coming? 😐


So, Dagger, how are you doing?


Am I done yet?

Oh no~ I don’t like water~

Finally done for Dagger. Mummy was rushing to a meeting so I will get my turn tomorrow!

~ by baibai on April 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bath time”

  1. Poor Dagger needing a bath! We hate baths and wouldn’t have stayed nearby while he was getting one. We would have been too afraid that we were next.

  2. Oh poor poor Dagger. I hope the horrible ordeal was over fast. Now it’s your turn BaiBai!

    Solid Gold Dancer

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