Personalized collar

We saw some friends having personalized collars during our beach trip last month. Mummy thinks it’s so cool and got it for us too 🙂

She bought 2 new plain collars, and went to the Pet Safari @ Ikano. There’s a new booth there doing printings (on t-shirts, mugs, badges, and collars & leashes!)

After choosing the names (or anything else) to be written on the collar with the preferred font, the man then printed the names on a colored sticker paper.

The sticker with names is placed on the collar and the collar is placed on a pressing machine.
placing on machine

The sticker is pressed on the collar at 157 °C !
pressing on heat

Removing the collar from the machine.
removing press

dagger's collar

dagger's collar-whole

dagger showing new collar

baibai's collar

baibai's collar-whole

me with my new collar

~ by baibai on July 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Personalized collar”

  1. hey guys! i love your personalised collar. how much does it cost at pet safari? mom told me she saw the t-shirt printer counter but did not think of getting it printed on the collar. smart move!

    wet wet licks


    • It’s RM 19 each, for whatever you chose to print on it, can be repeated name, or ‘hearts’ or paw prints 🙂 My mummy not very creative lar, haha…

  2. Wow! That’s nice!

    Hey, please come over to my blog & vote for the short film I acted in called FLASHES!!!! Thank you!

    “Famous” Solid Gold Actress

  3. Those Collars sure are really Kool. I should beg mom to get me one. BOL. ~Abbey the beagle~

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